Photo Poster

How to post photos to your instagram

Open GramBee and click on PHOTO POST.

grambee desktop instagram photo poster

Select your account you want to post to and write in the textbox your message and or all your hashtags (#).

post your message with grambee

Next step click on Attach Image and select the image you want to share. You can add as much images as you want to. When you click on Remove you can delete an image from your list.

add an image grambee

Now check if all your details are correct.

list of my instagram posts

Now select the delay between each post in seconds. Select a min. and max to get a random number for each post. You can pause (sleep) your project after a specific numbers of posts for xx minutes. You can loop your posts, that means the software will post the same images again.

delay between posts

You can select a delayed start (in minutes or hours), that means that your project will start delayed…after your selected minutes or hours. So you can schedule your projects.

schedule your projects

When you are happy with your setup, give your project a name and click on SAVE.

save your projects

Here you have an overview of all your projects. You can easily START and STOP a project.

start and stop projects

You have the option, if for any reason, your posts failed to repost all failed posts. Or you REPOST everything from your project.

repost failed

You can easily edit your projects and you can click on VIEW STATS to see every post or like or comment in an overview.

grambee stats
edit projects in grambee

When you click on DUPLICATE you create a copy of your project

duplicate project grambee

Click on the X to delete a project

delete project


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