Follow Module

GramBee Follow Module

Click on the FOLLOW button

grambee auto follow instagram

Select how you want to search for users. You can search by keyword, hashtag, followers or followings of specific user. Select the amount results to be listed. Click on Search.

grambee auto instagram

Now you see a list with users. On the right you see checkboxes, you can enable or disable the user. You also see an EXPORT button. You can export your results as .csv file or specific grambee file. Save them. You can click on IMPORT to import a previously saved file.

grambee results

When you click on FILTER you will see this window. Add your keyword you want to find.

grambee filter

Click on SEARCH

Best instagram tool

Check the results and click on OK to overtake them to your list.

grambee auto follow

Here is our filtered list.


Select the delay between each follow, give your project a name and click on SAVE.

project grambee

Here you see your project overview. Click on START to start following. Click on STOP to stop your project. You can REfollow failed attempts. You can check stats or edit your project. Click on X to delete the project.



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