Comment Module

How to comment on selected posts

Click on the comment button

comment instagram

Click on SEARCH

auto comment grambee instagram

Now you see the search form. Select what you want to search for…videos, pictures or both.


Now select how and where you want to search for….by hashtag, username and so on.

Auto Poster IG

Add your keyword, select the amount or results.

grambee instagram auto liker

Click on search, check the results. You can view them, filter them, enable or disable each one by one. All fine? Click on DONE

Instagram automate like

On the left box you see the results you will add your comment on. On the right box you setup a list of comments. Write a comment and click on ADD to them to your list.

comment instagram post

When you are happy with your setup, select a delay between each comment, give your project a name and click on SAVE.

auto commenter

Here we see your project overview. You can easily START and STOP your projects. You can edit them, retry to comment failed attempts or check or STATS. When you click on X you delete your project.

instagram stats


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