You need a pc with windows OS and .net framework 3.5 installed

Does it work on MAC

No, you need a windows machine. But you can run it on MAC with Windows Virtual Machine.

Does Grambee supports proxies?

Yes, we highly recommend if you use several accounts that you connect each with a private dedicated proxy. Don’t use FREE proxies.

Where is my serial key?

Please check your mailbox. You get an email with your serial key. If you didn’t get any email after successfull payment use the contact form on our site and send us a mail.

Is your Software A Virus?

No! Security programs will sometimes unintentionally identify a clean program or file as malicious if its code or behavior is similar to a known harmful program or file. This is known as a False Positive. Please WhiteList our software in your AV program.

What is a False Positive?

False Positives sometimes occur if a program or file contains code or behavior that is similar to known harmful programs. This is especially likely if the program or file uses compression or protection techniques, or is spread using a distribution method, that are commonly used by harmful programs. Please WhiteList our software in your AV program.